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We have now made our client web news updates available to the public via Yahoo's list service. Sign up to receive computer and web marketing tips. E-mails are always concise, useful, and unobtrusive. We do not give away your e-mail or support any email marketing or spam campaigns.

What people have to say:
"I hate email lists because I'm so busy, but I always read yours because they are short and always useful." "I don't even read half the emails I get anymore, but I always read yours."

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Most Requested :

How Do I Increase My Search Engine Rankings? - honest tips culled from the latest research into what works. The good news is that there's a lot you can do on your own. The bad news is that it's a lot of work.

Which Search Engines Are Important? - It's not necessary to register with every search engine out there. Here's a short and sweet list of the important ones. I also include a link to a list of specialty search engines as an additional resource.

Antivirus information and Tips on Keeping Your Computer Running Smoothly (101K PDF file): Includes details like don't download what you don't recognize even from people you know (no doubt you already know this!) and what to do if you have a virus. There's also a section on keeping your computer running smoothly so it is more stable (defragging your hard drive, running scandisk, and updating your OS). Includes links to sites that have more information. Published in the Greater Bowie Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, April 2004.

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