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Which Search Engines
Are Important?
Also see How do I increase my search engine rankings?
Which Search Engines Are Important?

Not all search engines are equal
Don't believe sites that insist you should "Get registered with hundreds of search engines!" You don't need to waste your money or time. Instead, get listed with the top few and the rest, if they're good, will find you. If they're not, they'll go out of business so it wouldn't have mattered anyway.

The top search engines and directories you should register your site with are:

Google (includes AOL, Hotbot, Netscape, Excite)
Yahoo (includes AllTheWeb, Altavista, Inktomi, Lycos, Hotbot)

Directories (get listed here and it will count towards your incoming links that Google will use to rank your site):

Open Directory Project


Doing business locally? If so, you should be listed in local directories:

Google Local
Yahoo Local
MSN Local
Ask Jeeves Local
AOL Local
Amazon's A9

Internet Yellow pages - also get listed here for local searches:

Yahoo Yellow Pages
AOL Yellow Pages
MSN Yellow Pages
Qwest Yellow Pages
Bellsouth Yellow Pages

Also take a look at this list of specialty search engines and look for search engines relevant to your website. Being listed in these can count as incoming links to your site, possibly raising your Google rankings.

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