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Web Pricing and Services

Web Design Pricing and Services

Web Development
Web site Development can be as simple or advanced as you need it to be! Since the amount of detail varies greatly, we customize our services to fit your budget. All estimates are FREE and there is never any obligation nor high-pressure sales.

We offer:

  • Web updates
  • Custom graphic design
  • Whole web site development
  • Improvements to existing web site
  • E-commerce and secure storefront setup and development
  • Web Photography (note: all the photos used on this site are not stock photos --they were taken in-house. See photo credits page.)
  • Unlimited links
  • E-mail forwarding and/or setup
  • Images optimized for web
  • Visitor statistics
  • Complete browser testing
  • Form creation
  • Content development and writing
  • Search engines registration and marketing optimization
  • Domain registration and hosting

Customized web sites
Our most popular request are our custom-made web site designs. Most clients prefer the freedom of a fully customized web site that has their company logo, custom graphics and layout. We always create a few designs for you to review until we find just the right mix of what you are looking for. We want you to love your web site or we're not finished!

Registration & Hosting

You can host with anyone you'd like and we'll do all the setup necessary to get your site started, or you can ask us to find a host for you. Hosting plans seem to run as low as $10/month on up. It's good to make sure the host is reputable, familiar with security (especially if you will be hosting a store that will take credit cards), and has good customer service within a wide range of hours.

Domain Registration
You can register your domain name with any registrar you'd like. Prices generally range from $15/year to $35/year. Many hosting companies also offer domain registration so you can do both at the same time if you'd like.

If you need, we can register your domain name for you. Beware of companies that may list themselves as owner even if you paid! It will be difficult to change things down the road. Wavian will always list your name and contact info as the rightful owner.)

What is a domain name? That would be your website address. Wavian.com is my domain name.

Is my domain name available? (This link takes you off Wavian's site.)

Note: If you're not prepared to buy your domain name when you're searching, be wary of the possibility that you may lose it; names get snapped up quickly. Also, I have no proof of this but I am not completely convinced that domain squatters aren't spying on searched names in the hopes of snapping them up to then sell to you. When you're ready, act quickly.

Other Services

Site Analysis
Analyze an existing site for improvements in design, navigation and search engine rankings.

Image Optimization
Speedier download times depend on compressed images, and all images are compressed using a high-quality compression algorithm so that size of download and quality of image is preserved.

One-Time Basic Site Registration
Register existing sites with the major search engines and directories using special marketing plan to place site listing higher among search results. Flash-based sites, image-intensive sites, sites low on content, online stores, and sites facing a lot of competition will want to consider the Site Registration Power Pack below.

Site Registration Power Pack
Having a website is only one part of an online marketing plan, which is only one part of an overall business marketing plan. With our search engine ranking expertise, we can offer an analysis of what people are searching for online and how to incorporate those keywords into your site. You can also do this yourself if you have the time and know-how: see my how-to article on How to increase search engine rankings.

Site Maintenance
We will update your website for you at an hourly rate if you only need site updates and maintenance, please contact us for a quote.

Site Statistics
Need site statatistics? We'll set it up for you for free. Stats program includes information like how many visitors you've had (hits), what keywords they used to find you, and what search engine they used. Statistics can be viewed by day, month or year, anytime -- you'll have your own login and password and can view your statistics from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Content Writing & Development
Need to develop content for your site? Content is king -- it's the number one factor that will make your site rank well in search engines. Wavian Web Design can write as much or as little content for you as you need; ranging from your whole site to just an email newsletter. We can even include up-to-date news items related to your practice and photos of your building, staff, and products.

Professional Photography
If you are developing a catalog of items, merchandise, or clothing, or want your staff profiled on your web pages and/or print material, we can take professional-quality pictures either at your location, at any locale, or in a professional studio.

Wavian Web Design
Phone: 240-475-3693

Fax: 207-470-3693

Response time is generally within 24 hours.

Contact Wavian at 240-475-3693
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