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About Wavian Web Design

       Wavian Web Design is located in College Park, MD, a town located just outside of Washington D.C. We serve the entire DC metropolitan region in addition to clients all over the country. We are a small web team that is big on service and quality. We work with all ideas and budgets and can help you with your web presence whether you need simple updates, ideas, analysis, or a whole new site.

Holly Russo
Holly Russo


Wavian's trademark is the superb quality and one-to-one attention you will receive on your site. You will work directly with me, Holly Russo, throughout the entire planning and development process.

Where did the Wavian name come from? From a love of birds (and nature) and all things avian, blended with a love of technology and the web -- hence "Wavian" was born. I made up this name in 1999 when starting my business and pledged to provide the kind of service I myself would expect when hiring a designer.

The advice I give you will be honest - I pride myself on gaining my client's trust. Hiring someone to do an unfamiliar task can be difficult to oversee. (It reminds me of when I go to the mechanic -- being a woman always made me secretly fear mechanics would tack on a gender ignorance tax!) You will not have to worry about that with us. We will never tell you that you need the flashiest page or the most expensive. All clients are treated fairly, as if you were family.

Repeat business and strong recommendations underlie our foundation. I also have a special interest in helping you develop good will with your customers, clients or patients. For this reason, we will not create sites that are meant to deceive the public.

During your free consultation, we can discuss the kind of presence that will best suit your needs and help you generate more business. Afterall, your ultimate goal is to increase your customer base and your revenue. At Wavian Web Design, site development starts with planning.

We spend time researching the message you want to send to your audience, how your site architecture should be assembled for intuitive navigation based on the latest in usability studies, and what kind of compelling beautiful design you would like for your site. We also place high importance on quick download time. (I do not tolerate pages that take too long to load and your customers feel the same, so we make sure your pages do not violate this rule.)

Your customers also need to be able to find you. Because a web site's internal structure even plays a role in site design, we build all sites from the start with the skeletal framework for this intact and also offer enhanced marketing plans based on research and analysis.

One-Stop Shop

        Everything you need to be fully operational on the web is covered. We also set up hosting, domain registration, and e-mail account setup, in addition to secure e-commerce development, web site design, maintenance and marketing. Even if you already have a Web site, find out about our services for image optimization (pages will download faster), search engine registration, statistical reports, or even a facelift. We can even take photos for you (all the photos for this site were taken in-house; they are not stock photos.)

What Happens once I hire you?

1. A preliminary site design is offered for your review.
2. Mid-way, you review the site again and any necessary revisions are made.
3. The site is completed and posted online! We do all the work for this.

Why use Wavian Web Design?

        If you want innovative design, superb quality, and search engine rankings built into your pages and underlying the foundation of your business, then you should choose Wavian. You want a company that knows what they're doing behind the image that your business projects. Our hallmark is superb quality, and we would love to help your business grow and succeed.

Member of
The HTML Writers Guild

Professional Memberships:

Wavian Web Design
Phone: 240-475-3693

Fax: 207-470-3693

Response time is generally within 24 hours.

Contact Wavian at 240-475-3693
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