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Parakeet Pictures      

June 30- day 2

parakeet chick, day 2
The chick is weak, featherless and its eyes are closed shut. This picture is a day later so its already a little bigger than the eggs.

July 1 - day 3

parakeet chick, day 3
Only two days have passed, but you can see it's yet even bigger. Its peeps are a little stronger.

July 3 - day 5

parakeet chick, day 5
At first I wondered if I'd have to step in & help with feedings... but looks like mom's doing just fine. Chick's getting big!

July 4 -day 6

parakeet chick, day 6
The next few pics didn't come out so well. I was trying to quickly take a pic and blindly thrusting the camera into the box.

July 5 - day 7

parakeet chick, day 7
The chick moves around more now.

July 6 -day 8

parakeet chick, day 8
Hard to tell here, but feather quills are starting to come in. Looks uncomfortable, like cutting first teeth.

July 8 - day 10

mother budgie sitting on parakeet chick
Rocky sitting on the chick. Here's another, and yet another (kindof blurry.)


July 13 -day 15

parakeet hen sitting on overly large budgie chick!
The chick is getting so big, I can see it's hard to sit on! Rocky keeps losing her balance. Good thing she has walls to help hold her up.

July 17 - day 17

the parakeet hatchling is getting big
Blurry... but still cute. Look at that sweet, gentle face.

July 18 - day 18

parakeet's feathers are mostly in
Feathers mostly in.

August 3
- a month later!

parakeet - full sized young parakeet but fullsize
The chick is the same size as the other birds! I can't believe how fast he has grown.


  • It takes about 2-3 days after sex for an egg to be laid.
  • It's approximately 3-4 weeks for the eggs to hatch
  • Then 3-4 weeks for the chicks to be brought up by their mother
  • You don't have to feed the chicks, their mom takes care of that!

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