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New budgie owner? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for information on caring for your new budgie.

If you've lost your budgie...





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Since I am not a vet, I am partnering with a vet question referral service so you can get help when you need it. -Holly


If you've lost your budgie...

Links (You are not alone - the following vet school resources have reading material and talk hotlines for support)

Parakeet Memorials

I love animals and dedicate this site to one species I especially love -- birds. It hurts me physically whenever I see one injured or hear stories of their abuse (like the poor innocent sparrow who was shot after it inadvertantly ruined a dominoes setup).

I have attempted to save many wild birds, some of whom died in my hands as tears streamed down my face, and some who had a happier recovery. This memorial page sprang from a loss of my own pet parakeet. I wanted to find a way to express that life, no matter how small, was important and should be revered. It is my small hope to express that these creatures really mattered. They mattered to me and they mattered to those who suffered their loss; their lives were not insignificant.

If you would like to share your story/photo in remembrance of your parakeet, please send it to me at Thank you for sharing these words and your own story. I am sorry for your loss... :(

my first parakeet In memory of my first parakeet by Holly Russo
runt In memory of Runt, by Holly Russo
  In memory of Runt, by Holly Russo
Birdie In memory of Birdie, by Melissa
  In memory of Cosmo, by XXXX
Photos Only:
In memory of Scratch, by TG

If your budgie flew away : if you found this page because your parakeet flew away, you may be able to get your parakeet to come back by putting his or her bird cage outside with the door open and food and water within view, or by putting another bird outside in the hopes that it will sing and entice your budgie to come back. This can be either a bird your budgie is "friends" with, or another parakeet. However, make sure the weather is mild and comfortable for parakeets, and make sure they are safe and will not be able to fly away and also become lost. It's generally a bad idea to move birds around so please exercise caution if you use another bird to help retrieve your lost parakeet. I wish you the best of luck.


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This site is dedicated to Dr. Piety, without whose kindness, wisdom, and sharing of knowledge this would not be possible. You are missed.
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I am not a vet; my only source of knowledge is my own experience.
For definitive advice, please consult with a veterinarian that specializes in birds.
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