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New budgie owner? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for information on caring for your new budgie.

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budgie ring site map links FAQ pictures budgie ring site map links FAQ pictures budgie ring site map links FAQ pictures budgie ring site map links FAQ pictures budgie ring site map links FAQ pictures budgie ring site map links FAQ pictures budgie ring site map links FAQ pictures budgie ring site map links FAQ pictures

Since I am not a vet, I am partnering with a vet question referral service so you can get help when you need it. -Holly



Parakeet Links

Avian veterinarian locator and another list of avian vets here and one more here. These lists aren't complete but are a good start.

Find an emergency vet - The American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care:
(click on 'Find a specialist')
Also try searching on Google for an emergency clinic in your area. But have this number handy *before* you need it.

Parakeet vet questions answered by a veterinarian, huge archive. Questions are transcribed and included on one giant page; if you have a specific breed or issue in mind, you may want to search within the page because it's too long to skim quickly. There's a huge amount of information here.:

Want to buy a parakeet, and are you in the Bowie/Crofton Maryland area?
Pet Value, Crofton: 410-451-1585
The owner raises her own parakeets and they are really tame, healthy and adorable. If I didn't already have enough keets I would buy some of hers. Call her to make sure she is not sold out.
Located in the Village at Waugh Chapel, in Gambrills, MD.

Other Parakeet FAQs:


Budgie information and parakeet care

Good background info from BirdTimes magazine

Lots of info on budgies

More parakeet info:
(click on the heading 'parakeet' for more info. The pictures are cute!)

Budgie page, even has a few links so you can hear one whistle or talk

Me & My Budgie

Gatesey, the little blue budgie

Sign up for the Budgie list

Budgie discussion forum


  • How to hand train a parakeet
  • Parakeet - Training videos (for sale): nicely-produced videos on the training of parakeets (and other birds). The trainers have a gentle manner and treat the birds very well. They use reward-based training which is a positive training method (a great way to train animals).


Victor the budgie with a huge vocabulary:
Victor & Betty:

African Grey's intelligence: learn about Alex

Animal intelligence in general
From PBS: more on parrots (how they are intelligent, and often mistreated)
From Animal Planet (Discovery Channel), on bird intelligence
The Artificial Intelligence Resource: The Quest for Intelligence

For more information on birds caught illegally in the wild, read:

More information about shade-grown coffee, and helping birds:

(note: I don't drink coffee so I don't recommend any one company one way or another. There are a lot more companies out there - make sure when you get coffee, you are getting the shade-grown stuff!)


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I am not a vet; my only source of knowledge is my own experience.
For definitive advice, please consult with a veterinarian that specializes in birds.
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