One very awful day...

A cacophony of rudeness assaults your slumbering little brain and you throw a lifeless limb towards the sound. You keep doing this until the ungodly noise fades away. Peering out through blurry, miserable slits, you see meaningless shapes that you instinctively know should be recognizable.  You stare and blink, blink and stare, and stare some more until the shapes come into focus. "Ohhhhh, " you rasp, "it's 8 am...". Well, now you understand the shapes, but what do they mean?  You lie in your little cocoon desperately trying to figure out WHY in the world your clock went off. OHhhhh, that's right. CLASS. Yeah, ok. Now you remember who you are, why you're alive, and what your purpose in life is. Doesn't mean you're happy about it though. Silently cursing the energetic earlybirds who love early classes, you assess your physical condition:

You're too 'sick' and tired to go to class.

You actually get up and REALLY try to get there on time.

If you're perfect, and have never woken up so tired that your metabolism stops, go here.

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